16 March 2018

Hadlow College Features in Barclays Bank ‘Backing Britain’ Campaign



On the morning of the 22nd November 2017, a film crew visited Hadlow to gather footage for a series of short films being produced by Barclays Bank as part of their ‘Backing Britain’ campaign. The campaign highlights Barclays’ pledge to do whatever they can to help their customers and clients deal with the adjustments that will invariably come as a result of the Brexit vote.

The films celebrate the different regions of Britain, with a focus on two organisations in each region who have a working relationship with Barclays and have very close community links with the area. Hadlow was selected as one of these organisations, with the film encompassing the different curriculum areas and featuring staff and students in practical sessions.

The series of films are available on Barclays' corporate website, are being shown on large screens at their main headquarters and shared over their social media accounts - a significant amount of exposure for us!