06 July 2018

Vision 50 Prototype Launches at Kent County Show



Today, at the Kent County Show, Hadlow College launched a state-of-the-art prototype designed to change the face, and future, of farming. This innovative piece of technology is a key element of Hadlow’s wider Vision50 campaign, commemorating the college’s golden anniversary as a global hub for all things related to the farming world.

The 8 x 5m device is a visionary educational tool designed for students studying at Hadlow. The prototype draws on the latest advancements into computer simulation technology to create an immersive learning environment for students to solve life-like farming scenarios.

Commenting on the prototype launch, Mark Lumsdon-Taylor, Deputy Principal & CEO, said: “What we currently do at Hadlow is to create people’s futures, and now, we need to go further. Hadlow must not only survive the technological disruption to come, it must be at the forefront, leading and innovating where others follow. Digitally, we will be at and then beyond the cutting-edge of technology for the rural industries we serve. Robotics, air technology and globalisation are here and here to stay.

The rural sector is the only sector that can deliver food security and land-based environmental sustainability for the future. We need young minds, fresh ideas and tolerance of change. Vision50 creates a unique immersive environment for the learning of the future. It is our interpretation of the future – disrupting preconceptions, defining the way forward.”

This bespoke piece of technology is one of a kind, and is set to revolutionise the entire farming world – from new to mature farmers. After the Kent County Show, the prototype will be housed at the college ready to welcome the new cohort of Hadlow students this September.