13 November 2018

Yay or Neigh to Equine Fitness

By Philip Orrell

Treadmill WEB
Work is progressing on the installation of our high-speed equine treadmill into a new, purpose-built area.

In its previous location (pictured below), the treadmill was raised above ground, which limited its use at higher speeds. At its new location, the machine is being embedded into a hole to place it at ground level, enabling students to use it at high speed, which will enable horses to be exercised in their full range of gaits, supported by the College’s recently purchased exercise analysis equipment. This includes a range of advanced heart rate monitors and a spirometer - making exercise physiology and biomechanics investigation more worthwhile. This will complement the College’s existing gait analysis equipment, Quintic Biomechanics and ETB Pegasus, allowing more effective and reliable data to be collected, supporting further research and student dissertations.

_-48-3 WEB

Improvements to our internationally sized indoor arena have included a complete re-surface and new internal boarding. Phase two will include a purpose-built shows and events centre with double aspect viewing of the competition arena and warm up, new judges’ boxes and a secretary’s office. All this under one roof for rainy days!