Safeguarding and Prevent

Hadlow College is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment in which to work and learn. The Safeguarding of staff and students at Hadlow College is deemed to be the responsibility of all members of the College and Safeguarding, along with the associated elements of Child Protection, is integral to all activities associated with the College whether on or off site.

Personal safety is also important when taking part in any kind of learning. Everyone has the right to be and feel safe. As a student, or staff member, you have a responsibility to respect other people's rights to safety.

If you think that you have been harmed or abused by a student, member of staff or someone close to you (such as a parent or carer) then you must tell someone you trust as soon as possible. This person could be a staff member, personal tutor or a member of the Safeguarding Team who has a responsibility for protecting learners.