Undergraduate Staff

Dr. Ambrose Tinarwo

Lecturer in Animal Behaviour and Welfare; Partnerships, Research and Development Manager

Ambrose has a PhD in Animal Welfare Physiology from the University of Bristol, an MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare from the University of Edinburgh and a BSc (Hons) in Animal Science from the University of Zimbabwe. His interests are in animal behaviour, welfare and anthrozoology. After his PhD, he worked for animal welfare charities, colleges and in research. He currently teaches Advanced Animal Cognition and Behavioural Therapies, Advanced Animal Behaviour and Practical Animal Nutrition. His research interests are in applied farm animal welfare, pet behaviour and animal ethics. Ambrose’s job role includes establishing strategic partnerships with the industry and supporting research within the faculty.   

Subject Specialisms

  • Animal Behaviour
  • Animal Physiology
  • Animal Welfare
  • Animal Ethics
  • Anthrozoology

Publications & Research

  • Ellis, C.F., McCormick, W. and Tinarwo, A. (2017) Analysis of Factors Relating to Companion Rabbits Relinquished to Two United Kingdom Rehoming Centers. Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science 20, (3):230-239.
  • Ratcliffe, J., McCormick, W.D. & Tinarwo, A (2015) Causes of livestock vehicle accidents in the UK and consequences for animals involved. Recent Advances II. HAS International Symposium 2015. 16-17 July. Zagreb.
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  • Tinarwo, Ambrose (2006). "The ethical slaughter of farmed fish". Ethics And The Politics Of Food: Preprints of the 6th Congress of the European Society for Agricultural and Food Ethics: EurSAFE 2006 Olso, Norway, June 22-24, 2006. Wageningen Academic Publishers. p. 460. ISBN978-9086860081