Undergraduate Staff

Jessica Rose


With a Masters in Research in Equestrian Performance, and a first class honours degree in Equine Training and Management, Jess teaches across all of the undergraduate degrees. The key modules that she lectures in are business, professional practice in the welfare industry, nutrition, and introductory therapy and rehabilitation.

Jess is a dedicated owner of two horses and uses her knowledge of behaviour and training theory to ensure their upmost welfare. Jess is training for further BHS stages; working on her flatwork with an advanced school master horse. She has relevant practical industry experience and has previously been employed on dressage and eventing competition yards, enabling her to apply both academic principles and practical skills. Before progressing to lecturing, she worked as a technical instructor at the Greenwich site which provided experience rehabilitating horses through the therapy centre. 

Both her Masters and undergraduate research concerned equine welfare and the current UK equine welfare crisis, an area she is particularly passionate about. Her dissertation research ‘A Preliminary Study Investigating the Equine Welfare Crisis in the UK: Ignorance to Intent?’ was published online by BEFRED and was accepted and orally presented at the Alltech Hartpury Conference in 2017. Her MRes research is currently in the process of being revised for publication.