Agriculture & Agricultural Engineering

By studying a course in agriculture or agricultural engineering at Hadlow College you can become part of an industry which is key to the production of food, preservation of the countryside and the ongoing survival of the rural economy.


Through practical experience on the College farms and dairy, as well as working on machinery and in our workshop facilities, students gain an in-depth understanding of the skills they need to work within the Agricultural industry. They are involved in all aspects of the farming year - including lambing, shearing, ploughing and harvest - and assist with the College’s award-winning dairy herd. The Agricultural team have an array of experience ranging from crop, soil, plant, livestock, machinery and business management, and bring this knowledge and experience to the delivery of the courses. The courses have a mixture of practical and theory and are delivered making use of the excellent Agricultural facilities.

Partnerships for Area

FGS, Burdens farms, Park Farm and JPF Farms.


  • Farm Worker
  • Shepherd
  • Stockperson
  • Assistant Farm Manager
  • Herdsperson
  • Agriculture Contractor
  • Agriculture Engineer or Technician
  • Groundcare Engineer or Technician
  • Self-employed Engineer or Technician
  • Tractor Driver
  • Agriculture Inspector


Agricultural Engineering

Through practical experience in the College workshops, as well as working on machinery restoration projects for local farmers, students gain an in-depth understanding of the skills they need to work within the Agricultural engineering industry. They are involved in all aspects of engineering - including welding, fabrication, servicing, engine and transmission rebuilds, hydraulics and suspension systems, restorations, machinery operations and ploughing.

The engineering team have an array of experience ranging from workshop management, engineering, machinery operation specialists and industry trainers. All our staff bring this knowledge and experience to the delivery of the course.

The course has a mixture of practical and theory and is delivered making use of the excellent Agricultural workshop facilities and machinery training yard.

Partnerships for Area

Crawfords, Haynes, Burden Bros, Agwoods and Coppards.


  • Agricultural Engineer or Technician
  • Groundcare Engineer or Technician
  • Self-Employed Engineer or Technician
  • Truck or Bus Engineer or Technician
  • Workshop Manager
  • Machinery Contractor
  • Dealership Technician
  • Interchangeable Large Motor Vehicle Skills


Dr. Ambrose Tinarwo

Lecturer in Animal Behaviour and Welfare; Partnerships, Research and Development Manager

Ambrose has a PhD in Animal Welfare Physiology from the University of Bristol, an MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare from the University of Edinburgh and a BSc (Hons) in Animal Science from the University of Zimbabwe. His interests are in animal behaviour, welfare and anthrozoology. After his PhD, he worked for animal welfare charities, colleges and in research. He currently teaches Advanced Animal Cognition and Behavioural Therapies, Advanced Animal Behaviour and Practical Animal Nutrition. His research interests are in applied farm animal welfare, pet behaviour and animal ethics. Ambrose’s job role includes establishing strategic partnerships with the industry and supporting research within the faculty.   

Subject Specialisms

  • Animal Behaviour
  • Animal Physiology
  • Animal Welfare
  • Animal Ethics
  • Anthrozoology

Publications & Research

  • Ellis, C.F., McCormick, W. and Tinarwo, A. (2017) Analysis of Factors Relating to Companion Rabbits Relinquished to Two United Kingdom Rehoming Centers. Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science 20, (3):230-239.
  • Ratcliffe, J., McCormick, W.D. & Tinarwo, A (2015) Causes of livestock vehicle accidents in the UK and consequences for animals involved. Recent Advances II. HAS International Symposium 2015. 16-17 July. Zagreb.
  • Ward, S. J., Liste, G. & Tinarwo, A (2011) Attitudes of UK sheep farmers towards fostering methods: A national survey. Small Ruminant Research 99:87– 92.
  • Gregory, N.G., Spence, J.Y., Mason, C.W., Tinarwo, A. & Heasman, L. (2009) Effectiveness of poll stunning water buffalo with captive bolt guns. Meat Science 81(1): 178-182.
  • Knowles, T. G., Brown, S. N., Warriss, P.D., Lines, J., Tinarwo, A. & Sendon, M. (2008) Effect of electrical stunning at slaughter on the quality of farmed turbot (Psetta maxima). Aquaculture Research 39 (16): 1731-1738.
  • Knowles, TG, Brown, SN, Warriss, PD, Lines, J, Tinarwo, A, Bravo, A, Carvalho, H & Gonçalves, A 2007, 'Effect of electrical stunning at slaughter on the carcass, flesh and eating quality of farmed sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax)' Aquaculture Research, vol 38 (16), pp. 1732 – 1741.
  • Tinarwo, Ambrose (2006). "The ethical slaughter of farmed fish". Ethics And The Politics Of Food: Preprints of the 6th Congress of the European Society for Agricultural and Food Ethics: EurSAFE 2006 Olso, Norway, June 22-24, 2006. Wageningen Academic Publishers. p. 460. ISBN978-9086860081



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