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Animal Management

Providing a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of animal care, students will benefit from a mix of theory combined with a large degree of practical work at our custom-built animal management unit.

You will learn about the structure and function of the animal body, animal welfare, animal health and nursing. Throughout the courses, you will be required to complete work experience to develop your practical skills, both on the animal unit and externally.

Undertaking practical duties as part of their course, students benefit from a wide range of experiences and opportunities to work with both exotic and domestic animal species. Students are involved in all aspects of husbandry and management from planning animal collections, designing and maintaining enclosures to day-to-day animal care within an animal collection set up as a commercial enterprise. Students benefit from using the most up-to-date equipment in the aquaria, pet trade and zoological fields.

The animal management industry across the UK employs 78,000 people and contributes £1 billion to the British economy. Students studying Animal Management have the opportunity to progress through different levels up to Higher Education or into employment.

Partnerships for Area

The Pet Charity, Pet Industry Federation and Centre of Applied Pet Ethology.


  • Animal Boarding Assistant
  • Pet Shop Assistant
  • Animal Trainer
  • Animal Behaviourist
  • Animal Management Instructor
  • Animal Welfare Inspector
  • RSPCA Inspector
  • Veterinary Nurse
  • Animal Conservationist
  • Animal Keeper


Will Hughes

Will Hughes

Programme Leader, BSc (Hons) Animal Management

Programme Leader, BSc (Hons) Animal Management

Will started working at Hadlow College in 2012, shortly after completing his BSc (Hons) and MRes at the University of London. He has since gained a Professional Graduate Certificate in Education and Training with Canterbury Christchurch University.

Will is passionate about helping people to learn about wildlife and the natural world through developing new applications of technology in conservation.

Will has helped to organise and lead several study tours to locations such as South Africa, Iceland, the Norwegian Arctic, and the Scottish Highlands.

Will is currently engaged in projects and research activities with a range of organisations including Kent Wildlife Trust, Medway Valley Countryside Partnership, and the Mammal Society. He also acts as the Grants and Research Coordinator for Kent Mammal Group and is currently involved in a number of local wildlife population monitoring projects.  

Subject Specialisms
  • Conservation management
  • Landscape ecology
  • Geographical Information Systems

    Publications and research
  • Hughes, W., (2018). A spatial analysis of deer species distribution in relation to the density of the road network in Kent: Implications for conservation management, Hadlow Research 2018, p. 16-25.
  • Hughes, W., (2017). Mammal Recording in the Digital Age, Quadrupedia; Vol. 67; p8
  • Hughes, W., (2017). ‘An introduction to the new NBN Atlas and spatially analysing biological records’, Conference presentation delivered at the Countryside Management Partnerships Joint Training Day, Hall Place, Bexley, Monday 26th June 2017
  • Worrall, P., Hughes, W., (2017). ‘Biodiversity and wildlife value of living walls’ Conference presentation delivered at the Living Walls conference, Hadlow College, Wednesday 31st May, 2017
  • Worrall, P., Hughes, W., Trout, R., (2017). An evaluation of handheld thermal imaging cameras as novel tools for detecting nest box occupancy of hazel dormice Muscardinus avellanarius and edible dormice Glis glis, Poster presented at The Mammal Society 63rd Spring Conference & AGM, 31st March-2nd April 2017, Cambridge, UK.
  • Lee, H. C., Hughes, W., ‘Futures thinking in ESD for the land-based sciences: some radical ideas.’ Conference presentation delivered at Sustainability in Higher Education: Challenges and Opportunities. 6th-7th July 2016, Canterbury, UK.
  • Lee, H. C., Childs, R., Hughes, W., ‘Sustainable Food Planning for Maidstone, Kent, UK, In: Localizing urban food strategies. Farming cities and performing rurality. 7th International Aesop Sustainable Food Planning Conference Proceedings, Torino, 7‐9 October 2015, edited by Giuseppe Cinà and Egidio Dansero, Torino, Politecnico di Torino, 2015, pp 381‐390.
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    The high standards our support reach was recognised during our last OFSTED 'Care Standards' Inspection - once again we received a Grade 1 'outstanding'.
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Clare Beadle holding a dog

Clare Beadle

“There are many different exotics we get in – we’ve seen flamingos, snow leopards. We do get a varied amount of animals that come through.”

Animal Management
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Chloe Brooker smiling at the camera holding a goat

Chloe Brooker

A great memory was meeting a great group of people, not just students but lecturers and being able to extend my knowledge in the animal sector.

BSc Animal Management
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Matt Town

The emphasis on practical skills and industry experience creates many opportunities to build networks and equips students with the essential skills employers seek.

BSc (Hons) Animal Conservation & Biodiversity
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Georgia Child

I would highly recommend studying for a degree at Hadlow. I know it sounds like a cliché, but choosing to study at Hadlow was honestly the best decision I have ...

BSc (Hons) Applied Animal Behavioural Science and Welfare
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Matt O'Leary

Hadlow offered me the opportunity to gain practical experience with companion, exotic and farm animals. It taught me the fundamentals of animal care and the confidence to excel.

Animal Management
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