Understanding Aquariums

Understanding Aquariums


Canterbury Campus

A highly specific area of the animal industry, a lot of aquatic systems only survive in strict parameters. Understanding how the system is set up and how factors will affect water quality and therefore, affect fish welfare, is pertinent to aquaria management.

Series of formative assessments typically in the form of Q&A and practical demonstrations.

Theory and practical teaching

Develop skills with aquatic set ups and a deeper understanding of key principle in water maintenance and bacteria colony management.

Why should students study this programme?

Taught in a formal educational environment with lots of resources and experienced staff.

Anyone who wishes to work with aquatic species (not always just fish) in captivity or in the wild (hobbyists, keepers, laboratories, wildlife reserves).

• Aquarium species
• Basic fish anatomy
• Housing requirements
• Aquarium maintenance
• Diseases and common problems
• Key water tests

    Canterbury Campus

  • 3 Weeks

    Part time

  • £120.00

  • Awarding body

    College Certificate