Invertebrate Management

Invertebrate Management


Canterbury Campus

This course is designed to give a concise introduction into all the key facets of invertebrate husbandry and management, with wider applications of animal welfare.

Series of formative assessments typically in the form of Q&A and practical demonstrations.

Theory and practical teaching.

Why should students study this programme?

Taught in a formal educational environment with lots of resources and experienced staff.

Anyone who wishes to work with invertebrates in captivity or in the wild (hobbyists, keepers, laboratories, wildlife reserves).

• Biology
• Life cycle
• Nutrition
• Health care
• Sexing
• Handling
• Moulting
• Insect families
• Legislations/public perception
• Common illnesses and diseases
• Enclosure set ups

    Canterbury Campus

  • 3 Weeks

    Part time

  • £120.00

  • Awarding body

    College Certificate