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Zoo Keeper Academy


Hadlow Campus

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This course is runs through the key areas directly for the zoo-keeping industry. This is different to the holistic package offered by the full time FE courses as those will look at multiple careers paths and progression.

This will cover all the key areas associated with zoo management currently and will give a critical insight into what is expected of you if you are to go into the industry.

Formative assessments alongside a summative assessment with an evaluation of a zoo enclosure and practices based upon content delivered.

Mixture of practical and theory (50:50).

A deep understanding of the zoo-keeping industry and the opportunity to develop key practical skills to either go into the world of work or to FE/HE.

PPE provided (overalls)
Trip to Wingham Wildlife Park.

Why should students study this programme?

We have significant resources here at Hadlow in our animal unit, unlike any other nearby. We also have extremely experienced staff, one with several years working within various collections across the UK.

Members of the public interested in a career in the industry.

Day 1 & 2
- Tour of facilities + icebreakers. History of zoos and animal welfare. Research in zoos. (Theory)
- Husbandry of exotics. Nutrition of exotics. (Practical)

Day 3 & 4
- Training demos. Training Techniques. Training Tasks. (Practical and Theory)
- Enrichment in zoos. Practical Enrichment Building

Days 5 & 6
- Zoo and aquarium legislation. Enclosure design. (Theory)
- Zoo trip with task. (Assessed)

    Hadlow Campus

  • 1 Week

    Part time

  • £130.00

  • Awarding body

    College Certificate