Horticulture & Garden Design

Do you enjoy being outside, or growing your own food? If so Horticulture is for you. Our courses cover a wide range of Horticultural subjects and will help students who wish to pursue a career in Production Horticulture, Garden Design, Hard and Soft Landscaping and Amenity Horticulture.

Horticulture has been part of Hadlow for 50 years and as such we have built a reputation in the industry as one of the leading education providers. As a student you will benefit from the vast network of contacts we have of industry links which is comprised of former students and companies who take students on in work experience placements year after year.

The horticultural team have an array of experience from head gardener to commercial production management. All have worked in the industry in various sectors and bring this knowledge and experience to the delivery of the course.

Students benefit from a wide range of links with commercial nurseries, research institutes, organic producers, public and privately owned gardens as well as exposure to the retail world through our onsite garden centre. The College is also a member of the Royal Horticultural Society; NCCPG and the Hardy Plant Society.

Over the last couple of years, the department has had a vast financial input from the College which includes new classrooms, a new state of the art glasshouse, a new Landscape Training Centre and 100’s of different plants for the students to practice on. The student is the centre for everything we do and you will benefit from the knowledge from Industry expert tutors and outstanding resources open to you.

Partnerships for Area

Royal Horticultural Society, Thanet Earth, Tozer Seeds, i3D Robotics and LJ Betts.


  • Nursery Assistant
  • Garden Centre Sales Assistant
  • Assistant Gardener
  • Estate Gardener
  • Landscaper
  • Groundsperson
  • Landscape Contractor


Kambiz Baghalian

Lecturer in Horticulture

Kami has a PhD in Horticulture with 15 years international experience in research and education. He has worked in some of the most prestigious research/education establishments including Wageningen University (Netherlands), Tokyo University of Agriculture (Japan), Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research-IPK (Germany) and University of Oxford. He is currently a lecturer at University Centre Hadlow, mainly involved with teaching students on the Commercial Horticulture BSc program. Also, He runs research projects on soft fruits, vegetables and top fruits.

Kami’s original research interest was to study the genetic diversity within endemic species populations to enable plant breeders to produce improved varieties. The unique geographic and climatic situation, has made Iran a large reservoir of genetic diversity of most commercially important temperate crops. In line with this interest, his PhD research was on studying the morphological and biochemical diversity of Iranian garlic (Allium sativum) ecotypes (Baghalian et al. 2005; Baghalian et al. 2006). The task to extract and analyse the organosulfur compounds using GC-MS and HPLC helped him to develop his skills in biochemical analysis and also gave him greater understanding of secondary metabolism and its role in improving the plants quality. Merging his knowledge of plant secondary metabolism and his crop production background, led kami into the new line of research interest which he pursued after graduation. During the next 4 years, in his new role as assistant professor, he carried out research (mostly as MSc thesis projects) studying morphological, biochemical and molecular diversity of some industrially important herbs (Baghalian et al. 2010b; Baghalian et al. 2010c) as well as studying how abiotic stress can affect phytochemical and phenotypic performances of plants such as chamomile (Matricaria recutita) (Baghalian et al. 2008; Baghalian et al. 2011).

In 2008, Kami was awarded the highly competitive JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) Postdoctoral fellowship and moved to Tokyo University of Agriculture, to the laboratory of Professor Keiko Natsuaki, where he was involved with advanced molecular and biotechnology research such as DNA sequencing, cDNA development and applying related bioinformatics tools (Baghalian et al. 2010a). The objective of project was to find out more about the interaction of viral infection and garlic organosulfur compounds content/quality. The outcome was to submit about 50 entirely new strains of plant viruses to NCBI-GenBank. Trying to unlock the metabolic network involved in organosulfur compound metabolism, he was collaborating with a bioinformatics group in Germany (IPK institute) led by Professor Falk Schriber. This collaboration led him into his next position and he moved to IPK in 2011. As a postdoctoral fellow working in bioinformatics, he began to bridge his biology background and computational biology. As part of this role, Kami learnt COBRA, a MATLAB based programing toolbox, and applied it in his future role in Oxford University. In 2013, during a symposium held in Oxford University, he was introduced to Professor George Ratcliffe and he was invited to continue his research in Oxford University, where he moved in 2013. In Oxford, his main duty was to apply constraints-based flux balance analysis to study plant metabolic networks and part of these results has been published recently in Nature journal (Shameer et al. 2018).

Since December 2015 he has taught at Hadlow (full time since Sept 2017) mainly involved with teaching students on the Commercial Horticulture BSc program. He does individual tutoring as well as teaching modules such as Horticulture Production, Crop Production, Post Harvest and Plant Identification. Furthermore, he runs a Hadlow-based learning project during which undergraduate students fulfil 160 hours of practical work and gain commercial skills experience.

Publications & Research
  • Baghalian, K., Ziai, S.A., Naghavi, M.R., Badi, H.N. and Khalighi, A. (2005) 'Evaluation of allicin content and botanical traits in Iranian garlic (Allium sativum L.) ecotypes', Scientia Horticulturae, 103(2), 155-166.
  • Baghalian, K., Naghavi, M.R., Ziai, S.A. and Badi, H.N. (2006) 'Post-planting evaluation of morphological characters and allicin content in Iranian garlic (Allium sativum L.) ecotypes', Scientia Horticulturae, 107(4), 405-410.
  • Baghalian, K., Haghiry, A., Naghavi, M.R. and Mohammadi, A. (2008) 'Effect of saline irrigation water on agronomical and phytochemical characters of chamomile (Matricaria recutita L.)', Scientia Horticulturae, 116(4), 437-441.
  • Baghalian, K., Kim, O.K. and Natzuaki, K.T. (2010a) 'Molecular variability and genetic structure of the population of Onion yellow dwarf virus infecting garlic in Iran', Virus Genes, 41(2), 282-291.
  • Baghalian, K., Maghsodi, M. and Naghavi, M.R. (2010b) 'Genetic diversity of Iranian madder (Rubia tinctorum) populations based on agro-morphological traits, phytochemical content and RAPD markers', Industrial Crops and Products, 31(3), 557-562.
  • Baghalian, K., Sheshtamand, M.S. and Jamshidi, A.H. (2010c) 'Genetic variation and heritability of agro-morphological and phytochemical traits in Iranian saffron (Crocus sativus L.) populations', Industrial Crops and Products, 31(2), 401-406.
  • Baghalian, K., Abdoshah, S., Khalighi-Sigaroodi, F. and Paknejad, F. (2011) 'Physiological and phytochemical response to drought stress of German chamomile (Matricaria recutita L.)', Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 49(2), 201-207.
  • Baghalian, K., Hajirezaei, M.R. and Schreiber, F. (2014) 'Plant metabolic modeling: Achieving new insight into metabolism and metabolic engineering', Plant Cell, 26(10), 3847-3866.
  • Shameer, S., Baghalian, K., Cheung, C.Y.M., Ratcliffe, R.G. and Sweetlove, L.J. (2018) 'Computational analysis of the productivity potential of CAM', Nature Plants, 4(3), 165-171.




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