Enrolling at College

Everyone needs to enrol before they start their course at College. It's a day to get all the administration sorted out so you can enjoy your first day without all the paperwork! We know how scary it is and how nervous you might feel, but we will try and make the process as smooth as possible for you.

If you've already applied for one of our courses, you will have already received information about your enrolment day with the time you should attend through the post.

Information on the range of financial support available to you, including help with travel and accommodation, is available on our financial support pages..

Student Concession Guidance Notes can be found here.

We understand that everyone has different needs and some students, with a learning difference, sensory impairment, disability or other barrier to learning, might need extra support to get the most out of college life.

If you feel that you will need extra support, and you have not already had a meeting with a member of staff from the Additional Learning Support (ALS) department, then please make sure you speak to the ALS team at enrolment. 

The Additional Learning Support team will work with you to look at the support options, and reasonable adjustments available. This is so that you can access your chosen course, achieve your learning goals, reach your full potential and work towards independence.

Alongside your strengths, the ALS team will talk to you about your specific needs and learning differences, as well as other areas where you might need some extra support. Working with you, the ALS team will create a “Personal Support Profile”. This profile will be shared with those teaching and supporting you so that they know how best to work with you. This includes knowing the strategies to use and any modifications or adaptations that you require, such as; coloured paper, assistive technology or extra time in exams.

Following the meeting we may recommend a programme of support. This might include help from a Learning Support Practitioner within the classroom, use of the ALS Hub or a planned number of 1:1 sessions with an ALS tutor. 

The ALS team will work with you to agree a “Support Plan” and what you wish to work on and achieve. This will be reviewed regularly throughout the time you receive additional learning support. 

If you have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC Plan), we will need to see you when you enrol at Hadlow College. This is to make sure we have the most up to date copy of your EHC Plan and know about the support that you will need. 

The Additional Learning Support team will work closely with you to ensure that the right support is in place for you from the start of your course. We will also arrange a time, during the first half term, to meet with you to review your EHC Plan, Where appropriate, we will update your outcomes to make these relevant to your further education studies, and discuss the type and level of support you need to help you towards becoming independent.

If you previously had access arrangements at school or at another college (e.g. extra time, a reader, scribe, or BSL/English interpreter) please note, these do not transfer over to your new place of study. 

To have special arrangements for exams at Hadlow College we will need to make a new application to the exam board. This will include providing supporting evidence, such as; a Psychological report, Specialist Teachers assessment or Education Health Care Plan (EHC Plan). 

A copy of your entitlement and JCQ approval from your last school or college can be used as proof of your need and contribute to the evidence. Please contact the SENCO, Head of Additional Learning Support or Exams Officer at your previous place of study. They should be able to provide a copy of the Form 8 and report they used as evidence of your need.  
To start the process at Hadlow College, when you enrol you will need to speak to the Additional Learning Support team about exam concessions.  At the start of your course you will also need to talk to your course tutor, alongside your Maths and English tutors, so that they can establish this is your normal way of working. 

If you do not have any evidence or it has expired, the ALS team can help you to obtain this. 

At the main campus of Hadlow College, we have residential accommodation for 160 students. Details on the accommodation, including how to apply, are available on our accommodation pages.