What will my child study?

Our courses are all full-time programmes of study that contain a combination of qualifications and other activities, including additional qualifications which employers have identified as ones that enhance employability.

Within each course we have also included the development of Independent Skills, such as English, maths and (where appropriate) ICT to help our students acquire the essential skills that everyday life demands. The majority of the lessons are linked directly to a student's area of study and gives them potential to achieve greater success in their chosen subject.

Integral to the majority of our courses is a work experience module. This provides students with the opportunity to experience the type of work that they hope to do and to learn about the expectations of future employers. Work experience will be undertaken in a real business environment relevant to the subject interest of the student. It could be gained through an industrial placement, working in one of the College’s commercial businesses, through voluntary work within the industry or by carrying out practical work for a suitable business.