The Student Union

As a student at Hadlow College, you are automatically a member of the Student Union. However, becoming an elected officer means you get involved with shaping your university experience.

You can enhance your university experience, and develop graduate attributes, throughout your time with us by becoming an elected official and playing a part in student involvement.  By becoming an elected Student Governor or Programme Representative, you will work with the College's Governing Body and College Executive Team to help shape the wider student experience. 

Elected Student Union Officers organise trips and social events for the student population. Not only does this enhance knowledge and skills, but they also receive a free NUS Extra TOTUM card with complimentary entry to College events.

Get Involved

There are many opportunities to develop your skills set whilst studying, whether working on projects at the College or undertaking work experience or volunteering. We will support you with your career development from identifying your skills set, developing effective job searching strategies, the application process and your online presence, whether on social media or by building a website.