05 July 2019

Hadlow College Receives Positive Feedback Following Ofsted Monitoring Visit

By Philip Orrell


On the 20th-21st June, Hadlow College received a monitoring visit from Ofsted and the results are positive for the college.

Inspectors concluded that leaders and managers at the college are ensuring that the quality of education programmes for learners remains high.

The full report can be found at:

Inspectors state that:

  • The interim principal, supported effectively by the educational administrators, senior leaders and the advisory group, has made sure that the education of students at the college has not been adversely affected.
  • Students value and enjoy the courses that they study. They produce good quality written and practical work.
  • Students enjoy their learning. They grow in confidence during their courses. They can say what they have learned and are clear about the skills they are developing.
  • Apprentices benefit from well-planned framework and standards-based programmes…. (They) develop the skills, knowledge and workplace behaviours they need to be successful.
  • Students who have high needs make quick progress with their learning. Staff check the progress of these students very effectively. Teaching and support staff plan carefully to ensure these students develop the social and employment-related skills they need to be successful in their next steps.
  • Students benefit from a wide range of enrichment activities, which help them with their next steps.
  • Leaders and managers have developed their systems to improve classroom performance… [They] check and improve the quality of curriculum areas effectively. They support staff well to make changes that help more students to achieve their qualifications.
  • Staff take great pride in the work they do. They have high levels of confidence in, and respect for the current senior team.