About Fisheries Management

All have worked in the industry in various sectors and bring this knowledge and experience to the delivery of the course.

You will develop and enhance a range of skills including the practical fishery management skills and design, communication, knowledge of fish biology and health, disease identification and treatment, management of aquatic environments and the interactions that occur. Angling knowledge and skills are also developed whilst considering a range of angling skills and opportunities.

Knowledge of and practical skills of current aquaculture methods are learnt and developed along with a range of environmental science areas and subjects.

We also have strong partnerships with The Environment Agency, Angling Direct, London Councils, Cottington Lakes, Manor Fisheries and Coombe Bank Fisheries.

Examples of topics included in our courses: Aquatic Ecosystems, Fishery Management and Estate Skills, Aquaculture and Freshwater Aquarium Systems, Ornamental Pool Design, Fish Health & Biology, Course and Game Angling, Aquatic Husbandry, Ecology and much more!

Hadlow people fishing by a lake